Joy of Love Day 5: What I love to hate

This one was hard for me.  Connor is going through a tough time, the preschool years.  Lots of back talk.  Lots of tears.  But I hesitated to document it because I don't want him to feel bad if some day he looks back.  So I can only hope that some day he'll understand that while I dislike some things he does, I love him with all my heart.  I also hope some day he'll have kids of his own, then for sure he'd understand.

I LOVE my son.  But I really really really don't like his oral fixation.  He's almost 4 and everything still goes in the mouth.  His pants.  Knees.  Toes.  Fingers.  Toys.  Blankets.  Palms.  All 24 wheels to his
Automoblox cars.

It's so gross.

It was so hard to photograph him doing this and not tell him to get his hand out of his mouth and to stop licking himself.  Then after awhile he set his hand down, and I couldn't help but continue to photograph him.

and this is why I love him.

Then, of course, Emma didn't get a photograph for this day because she's only 7 months old.  She doesn't do anything that I "hate" yet.  Note I do say "yet".  lol.


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  1. I believe that when our kids are grown up & older...they'll like reading about this stuff. That is my hope, anyway. I would have loved to read something like this my Mom loved to hate about me. ;)

    ...& THAT is why I love him, too. He is pure awesome.


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