Joy of Love Day 4: What they wear

Today's focus was what they wear.  Today's tip was metering.

What Emma wears.  Cloth diapers!  =]

Connor is often wearing a costume, a hat, and/or boots.  I purposely chose to photograph him in his room, a very dark colored room, just to prove to myself that I could do it without a flash and on manual settings.

the 1st one is Connor holding the very first outfit he wore.  The top right is "Woody" riding Bullseye (the blanket)



  1. What a cute pic of your little CD baby. I LOVE cloth diapers myself. And what a cute girlie little diaper. I am so glad to see those little piggies in the picture also.

  2. Cutie cloth dipe! We also do cloth in my home! And those photos of your boy look great! Super sweet!

  3. Awww!!!! What a cute CD!!

    I LOVE the photo of Connor holding his first outfit!!! *sob, sob*

  4. oh the first shot is so fantastic, LOVE!!! And i just think your header is so creative! Happy Sunday!


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