Joy of Love day 3: Then and Now

The focus today is:  Then and Now.  The tip was:  Cropping (in camera or editing)

I am so very thankful for today's prompt.  I have been thinking of something like this for so long, and haven't accomplished it.  I know if I had done it without this class I wouldn't have been thinking of lighting, and would have used my flash as well as programed auto.

My only "complaint" (self criticism) is I am horrible at manual focus!  Yet I really needed my low light lens for this.  I don't like that his eyes are not completely in focus, but I can't redo this photo and get these results again.  His position.  His smile.  The eye contact.  It was a one chance deal.  So I'll take it.

I didn't need to crop, but I did edit for a better white balance.

Connor 1446 days old (almost 4 yrs) holding a photo of himself at 2 days old.

And then there's Emma.  I don't have a print of the photo I wanted to use.  Her very first photo, still in the OR.  Oh the rolls this girl had!  So... I had to use one the few prints I do have.  What a down side to digital now, not having many actual prints!  ha! 

I never would have thought I could get such a decent photo with no flash, in my tiny bathroom with a tiny frosted window.  In the morning with the sun not shining directly though.  I love what this class is teaching me!

Emma the day she was born, 0 days old.  Her first bath.  And 238 days old (or 7 months 24 days).  Same pink tub!



  1. i love the idea of the same pink tub..very original!

  2. These. Are. Fantastical.


    I could cry.


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