Joy of Love, Day 11: Dreams

This dream will most likely never happen, but Al (and I) dream of one day owning "Eleanor".  A Mustang Shelby GT500.  For now, this toy will do.

I can't really know what my kids dream of.  But if I had to guess I'd say Connor dreams of being like Daddy.  Don't most boys want to be like their Daddy's?

For Emma, I guess this is more my dream than hers for now.  Although if I had to guess, I'd guess someday this will be her dream as well, as it's the dream of most little girls.  To find prince charming.  To be a princess.  She already is a princess though.  Her Father is the King of Kings.



1 comment:

  1. I have no interest in cars at I have NO idea what that means.

    I love how little boys idolize their Dads. It's incredibly endearing.

    & yes, Emma already is a princess. =]


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