30 Days of Me Photo Challenge: Day 29

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Day Twenty Nine:
Post a photo that always makes you smile. What about this photo makes you smile? Is there a story behind it? Who is in the photo? What makes them special?

There are so many photos that make me smile.  So.  Many.

But I want to share this one.  It's me and my couswin (cousin twin), Holly of Holly Days.  I was 7, she was ... 1?  Awwww! 

That's the same antique stroller that's been in the family for over 50 years.  Sorry mom, your stroller is an antique.  =p 

Anyways, you may see this stroller in photos if you follow Holly's blog, or mine, come summer times and we cram our kids it in for photos.  It's a must.

It's not just the stroller that makes me happy.  It's just the whole...... feeling of the photo.  Family.  History.  Past, present, future.

I loved to walk my baby cousin down to the lake.

Now I watch as our younger cousin, Keilene, and/or my niece walks my kids (and Holly's) down to the lake. Beautiful.  Just beautiful.

The faces change.  The subjects of the photo change.  The years change.  Even the house has changed.  But the sense of family and love remains.


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