30 Days of Me Photo Challenge: Day 30

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Day Thirty:
Post a photo of someone you miss. Why do you miss this person? Tell me the three things you miss most about this person. Why are they special to you?

There are so many people I miss.  Living people.  I could write so many different ways on so many different people.  I miss them, and yet I get to see them again soon, or come summer time.

But Grandpa... I can't see Grandpa again, in this life.  I miss him.  Answering "why" seems silly.  He's my Grandpa.  He was one of the best Grandpa's.  Seriously.

I miss his kindness.

I miss his eyes.

I miss his smile.

I miss his laugh.

I miss his "microscope glasses" he would use to pull out slivers.

I miss his humor.

I miss him.

Well.  That was more than "3" things. 

And that concludes the 30 Days of Me Photo Challenge, that took me way longer than 30 days.  lol.
You can see a list all the day's challenges here, with links to each day.


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  1. I remember very little of him, but what I do remember was fileld with gentle kindness.


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