Preschool Week 6 - Letter Ii

Letter:  Ii
Songs:  Itsy Bitsy Spider, Ten Little Indians
Character Trait:  Courageous
Bible Story:  David and Goliath

Day One:  I am very pleased with Connor today.  He is finally getting rhymes.  Many thanks to his Hooked On Phonics CD-rom game.  It's so rewarding to see hard work finally sinking in.  I was also pleased to just briefly go over the phonetic sound of "I" with him, and then when I turned on the game to work on letter I, he passed with flying colors.

I feel like maybe I made a mistake going in Kumon order so that he could write the easy letters first.  I should have started with the order Hooked on Phonics has in the workbook.  He knows his letters.  He can write them.  I haven't even taught them yet and he's picking out lowercase letters and writing letters on his own.  Oh well.  At least I have the choice to change the curriculum to advance where he is going. 

We didn't only play games today, but that's just the thing I was most proud of (the rhyming and matching).  We also built an igloo out of mini marshmallows.  We read David and Goliath (to match with our character trait focus, courageous and because of I is for Israelite).  Then he watched the Veggie Tales story.

Connor took Emma's stacking toy and acted out the story of David and Goliath (all on his own).  The stacking toy was Goliath and an Optimus toy was David.  Pieces of crunched up paper were the stones.

Day Two:

Being I'm writing this up so late, I don't remember a lot of the details we did.  We just follow along to the curriculum I made up for him.  One activity I remember is cutting out "blocks of ice" then having Connor glue them all together to build an igloo.  I made sure to make the entry a flap, so he could peek in and see the family living inside.  He loved this activity and it helped him understand what an igloo was - an ice house!

Day 4:  We did inch worm finger painting.  Learned about Indians.  We did a small art/craft making a slingshot and Connor drew his version of Goliath.


Joy of Love: Days 17 & 19-23

Day 17:
Staying in

This one ended up looking awkward to me.  I was trying to portray that when we "stay in" we just hang out.  Watch a movie.  Except it isn't this stiff.  lol.  I just wanted everyone in the photo "chilling".  Now everyone looks grumpy.  Actually, after this photo we were all much more relaxed.  Al and I switched spots and were snuggling.  That would have been a better photo to represent "staying in" without looking like I think Al stinks.  ha!

Day 19:
When They're Gone
(my entryway dresser is clean... until Al gets home.)

Day 20:
When They're Home

Day 21:

Day 22:
Face (portrait)

Day 23:

There are SO many I could choose.  But I pick this one.  Partly because I could spend days looking through fb and trying to find a favorite photo and because I love this and decided to just go with it.  Even if I do look like a 12 year old boy.  I blame being only 2 months postpartum (bad hair do choice).  I loove this photo and I love my cousin!  Poor Emma.


Wordless Wednesday: Valentine

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30 Days of Me Photo Challenge: Day 30

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Day Thirty:
Post a photo of someone you miss. Why do you miss this person? Tell me the three things you miss most about this person. Why are they special to you?

There are so many people I miss.  Living people.  I could write so many different ways on so many different people.  I miss them, and yet I get to see them again soon, or come summer time.

But Grandpa... I can't see Grandpa again, in this life.  I miss him.  Answering "why" seems silly.  He's my Grandpa.  He was one of the best Grandpa's.  Seriously.

I miss his kindness.

I miss his eyes.

I miss his smile.

I miss his laugh.

I miss his "microscope glasses" he would use to pull out slivers.

I miss his humor.

I miss him.

Well.  That was more than "3" things. 

And that concludes the 30 Days of Me Photo Challenge, that took me way longer than 30 days.  lol.
You can see a list all the day's challenges here, with links to each day.


Joy of Love Day 13: Routine

This is Connor's changing routine, as well as everyday routine.  If that makes sense.  It will anyway.  Maybe.

He's allowed to watch one show a day.  So, that's what he was doing before falling asleep.

His routine used to include a nap everyday, but we're phasing it out.  Or so I thought.  He's keeping with the routine and catching a nap instead of his show.

Emma getting her daily routine of Daddy time.  Either playing while on the mat, or watching a quick show.  I'm not sure why she has a pacifier.  That's not her normal routine.  lol.


Joy of Love Day 12: Eyes

I'm not the most pleased with today's photo's.  But it's ok.

Here is Connor's Optimus Prime's eyes.

And then my photo for Al's eyes.  I ended up not liking the crop, but I love that you can tell he's smiling.


30 Days of Me Photo Challenge: Day 29

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Day Twenty Nine:
Post a photo that always makes you smile. What about this photo makes you smile? Is there a story behind it? Who is in the photo? What makes them special?

There are so many photos that make me smile.  So.  Many.

But I want to share this one.  It's me and my couswin (cousin twin), Holly of Holly Days.  I was 7, she was ... 1?  Awwww! 

That's the same antique stroller that's been in the family for over 50 years.  Sorry mom, your stroller is an antique.  =p 

Anyways, you may see this stroller in photos if you follow Holly's blog, or mine, come summer times and we cram our kids it in for photos.  It's a must.

It's not just the stroller that makes me happy.  It's just the whole...... feeling of the photo.  Family.  History.  Past, present, future.

I loved to walk my baby cousin down to the lake.

Now I watch as our younger cousin, Keilene, and/or my niece walks my kids (and Holly's) down to the lake. Beautiful.  Just beautiful.

The faces change.  The subjects of the photo change.  The years change.  Even the house has changed.  But the sense of family and love remains.


30 Days of Me Photo Challenge: Day 28

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Day Twenty Eight:
Post a photo of something you're afraid of. Why are you afraid of this? Do you have any irrational fears? If so, what are they? What can you do to try & overcome these fears?

aftermath of a storm about 1995 or 96 in our backyard, explained further down in the blog.

I feel like I've already discussed this thoroughly, in Day 11.  If you read that post, you'll understand that I don't want to revisit that topic.  I did however think of something else I am willing to post about.

Thunderstorms.  I'm afraid of them.  I'm not talking about the simple flashes of lightening and claps of thunder.  I'm talking storm.  Howling winds, sheets of water so thick you can't see out your window.  Random flash flood sweeping over a road.  Hail out of nowhere.  Wind trying to suck open the back door to the hotel you work at.  Storm.

The kind of storm where you wonder "hey, is this a tornado?"  (because that's an even greater fear I have).  And then panic sets in as I fear for my children and make mental plans of action as I scoop them up and head for the basement.

The above photo was taken after such a storm (minus me having kids).  I was working (my first job) at McDonald's.  A storm swept through, seemingly out of nowhere.  There was panic.  Then there were rumors.  One boy came into work just as the storm was ending.  He lived on the same road as I did.  He came inside all in a panic, "there was a tornado and it went right down our road!"  Insert my sheer panic as I envisioned my entire family dead and I left all alone in the world.  I burst into crazy hormonal teenage sobs.

I later learned that he had panicked too.  It wasn't a tornado.  Just a very severe thunderstorm.  Trees down.  Powerlines down.  No, seriously, whole trees were uprooted and down.  I would very much hate to see what a tornado would do.  Severe thunderstorms are bad enough!

Whenever I see skies like the following picture, an uneasiness settles over me.  It's the sky of a storm.  Coming or gone.  This one was the "after storm" sky.  The creepy yellow/orange that makes it seem you're wearing yellow glasses, as everywhere you look has a yellow tone.

On this day I thought we were just getting heavy rain with some thunder.  I was trying to calm Connor by reading him his Franklin book about thunderstorms.  I stopped and told him I'd be right back as I had to close the windows.  I ran upstairs to a sopping wet nursery and when I looked out the window I couldn't see or hear a thing, the wind was so loud and the rain so heavy.  It was as if someone was throwing a HUGE bucket of water at our house.  I couldn't even see the roof under the window.

I forgot the rest of the windows and ran.  I ran as fast as I could to my boy who was trying so hard to be brave, and to my newborn baby.  I scooped them both up and started to run for the basement when it all suddenly stopped.  Craziness.

I hate storms.


Week 5: review

Since I'm still new to all of this I was flustered as to what to do, being we missed most of what I had planned for last week, and I had nothing prepared for this week.  So I decided to make it a review week! 

We finished up what we didn't do for "H" week.  I found the perfect book, Hat!  The character's name is Henry, giving extra reinforcement to the H sound.  Then, of course, it fits perfect with Connor's obsession.

We went out to eat for my birthday and there was a magician there, he made Connor an apple balloon.  Perfect for our review of "A".   I pulled out the apple worm counting game, an idea I had gotten from Mama Jenn.  I also pulled out some worksheets and the booklets we had made that first week.

I used chocolate covered sunflower seeds for a sorting activity.  Connor was a big fan of that.

We did plenty of role play.  Good for the creative juices.

He typed up a "letter" to Grandma (practicing his letter recognition).  He used his keyboard and mouse.

We pulled out all the "i can read" booklets from previous weeks, and did all the pattern and math activities from previous weeks.

We wrapped up our week with the Starfall website.  Pure awesomeness.



Joy of Love, Day 11: Dreams

This dream will most likely never happen, but Al (and I) dream of one day owning "Eleanor".  A Mustang Shelby GT500.  For now, this toy will do.

I can't really know what my kids dream of.  But if I had to guess I'd say Connor dreams of being like Daddy.  Don't most boys want to be like their Daddy's?

For Emma, I guess this is more my dream than hers for now.  Although if I had to guess, I'd guess someday this will be her dream as well, as it's the dream of most little girls.  To find prince charming.  To be a princess.  She already is a princess though.  Her Father is the King of Kings.



Joy of Love, Day 10: where they are comfortable

Al spends the majority of his time at his desk in the basement.  The computer changes almost daily, the monitor and mouse stay.  He pays bills here.  Surfs the Internet.  Builds computers.  Repairs computers.

This is "his spot" in the house.


Joy of Love, Day 9: Passion and Hobby

Connor really is a joy

He has a passion.  That passion is role play.  He is always, always, in a role.  Mr. Nezzer.  Cavis.  Millward (all 3 characters from Veggie Tales "An Easter Carol"). Mr. Potato Head.  Various members of our extended family. 

In this photo he is Optimus Prime.  Not just Optimus Prime, but Optimus Prime "rolling out".

Al has a passion and a hobby.  It revovles around lap tops, blackberry, and computers.

Surfing the internet. Checking his blackberry (bb).  Repairing a computer.  Checking his bb.  Upgrading a computer.  Checking his bb.  Building a computer.  Checking his bb.  You get the idea.

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