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On impulse (sort of), last Sunday I decided that I would start homeschooling Connor, for pre-school, starting the next day, Monday.  I had one evening to prepare.  ha!

Now, if you're my family reading this, before you panic, I didn't say I decided to homeschool Connor all the way through his schooling days.  Though I may, so be prepared and have an open mind.  Questions are always welcomed.

The reason I choose to do this is 1) We can't afford a preschool, which really, is more a day care.  2)  He doesn't really fit in any group (I'll explain why), 3) We needed something to do, education-wise, with our days. 4) a quote I read really got to me, I can't remember it word for word, but it's something like this: "if you keep sending them to Caesar then don't be surprised if they come home Roman."

A surprising thing I learned... socialization.  I have been told and told and told again that I should enroll Connor in a day care to socialize.  (remember, we can't afford it).  I was looking up some FAQ's on homeschooling in Ontario and found out that "homeschooled children tend to have more developed, positive social skills than their schooled counterparts."  Hmm.  Who knew!?  Well, besides homeschoolers of course.

At first I was going to keep this to myself, hence waiting until Friday to share with anyone what I was doing, because I didn't want any more criticism from those who already criticize me.  But then I thought, maybe, if I shared what we're doing, those against homeschooling will have a more open mind.

Another benefit to homeschooling is individual attention, and a curriculum made just for Connor and at Connor's pace.  This is so what he needs.  He is smart.  I fear he would be so bored in a preschool.  He has known his upper case alphabet, by recognition, since he was 2.  He knew his colors and shapes at age 1.  This is all old news to him.  He, on his own, can already write many letters.  I've never "schooled" him before.  Just lots and lots of reading together.  He does, however, need work on things like "same" and "different" and following instructions.  Rhyming.  Phonics.  Reading.

Anyways, without further ado, here is Connor's first week:

I purchased a foam board calender, which for the record I'm not fond of.  We will be finding a different one.  At the end of the week, he's starting to say his days of the week on his own.


The theme this week was "Aa".  I didn't really know where else to start.  We got the Alligator "A" idea from Totally Tots.  We read The Lady with the Alligator Purse, I Saw an Ant on the Railroad Track, A is for Ark, Bible Heroes: Abraham, and The Child's Bible: Adam.


After coming across Raising Rockstars blog, I decided to go with her order of letters, starting with easiest to write.  So we'll be doing "Ll" next week instead of "Bb". 

He floored me with his sorting skills (because he only knew uppercase).  I didn't think he'd have such an easy time with this Apple Basket game.  I'll have to post the link where I found that later, most is from Homeschool Share.  He did have trouble with the Apple Pie opposites, but only the first day.

This really cute counting game we learned about from Momma Jen's blog.  We used little pipe cleaner "worms" to count the holes in the apple.  The apples can be printed here, at Hubbard's Cupboard.

He enjoyed painting apples on his trees, found at Homeschool Share.

He said these two apples were dancing.

We did much much more than pictures I have to share.  We did most of Raising Rockstars Preschool Program - Aa.  We sang Father Abraham.  We sang The Ants Go Marching.  He practiced writing A's.  We put together some paper A books.

I already have many tools to teach, and we used most of them.  The only thing we purchased was the Alligator Purse book.
Overall we did well for our first week, being I prepared in one night.  I'll give myself an A. (ha!)  I definitely need more time to prepare for next week though.  Don't worry, I've already started. 




  1. What an awesome first week! You did great! Welcome to the group so to speak! (stopping by from Preschool Corner)

  2. I think you look like a natural! Blessings to you as you continue. We love it!

  3. Yay for deciding to homeschool!! Good for you :) And great first week!!

  4. I think homeschooling is a valid & awesome option! Way to go!


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