Secret of Peacocks

Connor is so very hard to photograph lately.  He won't look at me for anything.  No tricks, no games, no bribes.  Nothing can get him to look.  If I do manage to happen to click the camera when he looks up I can never capture a smile.  A true smile.  So how did I get the following smile??

The smile is a result of the Peacock. 

I pulled back my zoom to show the silliness.

The Peacock is something my siblings and I used to do when we were little.  It doesn't even look like a peacock, so don't ask me how we came up with the name. 

One day, around Christmas, I was frustrated that Connor wouldn't give me a good true smile.  With out even really thinking about it, I put my hand up and started talking to him in a silly voice, introducing him to "Peacock".  It was love at first sight.

Peacock works every time.


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  1. Thanks for the tip. I'll be needing it in a few years. =]


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