Preschool Week 3: Letter Tt

Connor is in love with this week.  So many things he adores start with this week's letter (T).  Tractors.  Transformers.  Toys.  Toy Story.  Train.  Thomas the Tank Engine.  Trucks. 

Character trait this week was:  TeachableVerse was:  "Thou shall not steal." Exodus 20:15

I used the foam letter idea from Totally Tots, since it was a tractor (T) and a toothbrush (t) and he loves to brush his teeth.

At first I wasn't going to go with Raising Rockstar's theme of 10 Commandments, as I knew he wouldn't remember them.  But then  I (1): decided it is good to expose him to them, even if he won't remember and (2): I found this 10 Commandment Train from Christian Preschool Printables!  He was in love!  He colored it, I cut it out, and then he worked to put them in order.

I found a Thomas workbook at the dollar store.  Winner winner chicken dinner!

I thought I had the "10 Wishing Stars" book and had planned this craft of stamping stars after reading the book.  But then I realized we have "5 Wishing Stars", not 10.  I was going to scrap the idea when I remembered the song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  Duh!  haha.  That actually worked better to enforce the sound of "T".

We did more than is pictured.  He did some worksheets. We sang songs.  Did the calendar board.  Calendar is a daily thing, of course, as well as the songs and reading the Mount Sinai (the mountain where Moses was given the commandments) story in My First Message, as well as The Good Samaritan in the same book, or Flibber o loo from VeggieTales Bible Storybook.

He chooses to go to "school" as a fireman.  We role play for awhile, he likes to act out the book, 5 Little Firefighters.

He did well with his letter T worksheet.  He has this weird obsession with "E", though.  After circling the T's he couldn't move on until he also circled "E".  Then he had to write an "E" after writing his T's.   

He got some writing practice from the turtle practice page made by Confessions of a Homeschooler.  I decided to add more writing practice like this to his curriculum for next week, as he didn't do as well as I thought he could.  But, he did have the great idea to cut the lines after tracing them!  Why not?  Get in some more fine motor skill practice!  I was pleased with how well he cut out a turtle. 

This kid loves to paint.  I let him choose daily if he wants to color with crayon or marker, or if he wants to paint. He always chooses paint.

With his free time he wanted to play Boohbah, which he calls, "Grandpa jumping on the chair."  Afterwards he played his CD-rom games from Hooked on Phonics, he loves these games, and watching him play helped me realize he is finally getting the concept of the letter sounds!

I forget where I found the snack idea of "teeth".  We used Almond Butter and it's much more messy than peanut butter, but Connor was still a huge fan.

We also did our daily songs and readings as well as Teddy Bear math, and watched "The Tortoise and the Hare".

We finished up the turtle craft, having to glue it down to a paper because the paint curled the pieces.  (note to self:  cut pieces out after painting.)  I felt bad because Connor was so upset his turtle was stuck to a paper now.  He was also upset I taped his train to the wall. Poor kid.

He did some work books and a page from his First Book of Cutting, and of course we also did the daily things.

He really loved his T puzzle this week, from Alphabet Avenue.  Train and Truck!  This is too easy for him, but since he enjoys it I continue with it.  Plus it is extra practice of the lower case alphabet.  He doesn't know them all like he does the upper.
Happy boy today with two things to paint.  He painted "T" with a toothbrush.  Then I gave him a choice to paint or color his verse picture.  Of course the little Picasso chose to paint.
He also got in some cutting practice, cutting out his verse, and then he pasted "T" sound pictures to a letter T, also from Alphabet Avenue.

We played a memory game and a matching game from his Hooked on Phonics cards.

We read again, but this time, when I read about the good Samaritan he got on the floor, pulled up his shirt and said he was beaten up.  Role play!  I went with it, and got down and asked him if he needed help, gave him pretend bandaids, then brought him to the "doctor" (the couch). 

We read There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow! and then made a toilet paper roll snowman.



  1. I really enjoy these preschool posts!!! They are so creative!

  2. Looks like it was a fabulous week! Love that snowman.

  3. I love how you are organizing your blog and photos. I found you at Homeschool Creations.


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