I had a c-section with Emma, so even though I had major wants of getting really good photographs of her, I didn't have the physical ability to do some of the things I wanted.  Like photograph her nicely from the floor.  I thought I did pretty good, considering I couldn't lay down flat, nor could I get up or down easy.

Seven months later I've revisited those first photos, and am happy to fix them up so nice!  You'd never know I had such problems trying to get a decent photo.  Except that I just told you I had problems.  And I am going to share my photo disaster.  ha!

Here is the original straight out of camera shot:

and the after editing shot:

It's like I went back in time and re-took the photo!  Only this time I'm freezing instead of close to having a heat stroke (it was July and we have no AC) and I'm not in pain.

I straightened the photo, then cropped a bit.  Cloned out bits on her face, because her mom has given me permission too.  ;)  I then adjusted levels, took that bit of dark on the upper right and cloned it across the whole upper half.  Selected all the dark, then changed it to pink.  Cloned and healed at the merge line.

It's not perfect.  Still doesn't look studio quality.  But I'm happy.



  1. This is so true!!! Much like that blog you linked to on FB earlier.

  2. I was just about to tell you that "duh, Holly, this IS the blog I linked to!!" ha! but... now I think it's me that needs the duh. I do remember a few months ago posting a link to a very well written blog about the camera not making the photographer. My bad!


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