30 Days of Me Photo Challenge: Day Twenty One

Day Twenty One: Post a photo of something you want to remember forever. What is special about this memory? Describe the smell, sounds & tastes of that moment. Who were the people with you? What did they do to help make that moment special?

Al and I were both getting "bah humbug" the closer it got to Christmas.  With the stress of people focusing more on gifts and less on family and the stress of going to a mad house (i.e. any store) to pick up something quick on any day in December... and a few more annoying little things.... it all had us in a bad spirit. 

We decided to go drive around just to look at lights, in hopes of lifting our spirits.  It started to work until I thought of all the waste that goes into putting up lights just for show.  All the plastic.  All the pollution in making them.  All the energy wasted just to be showy.  I know.  I'm a party pooper.  It's annoying.

We got home and Emma had fallen asleep in her car seat.  I unbuckled her she opened her eyes just long enough to see it was me and then drifted back off.  I carried her limp little body to the front door where we waited for Al to unlock it.

In that moment I lost all the negativity.  Here was my baby girl, growing so fast, yet still so small.  She fit perfect in my arms, fast asleep and peaceful. 

I always want to remember this moment.  Not for lifting my spirits, but because I never want to forget her as my little baby (and Connor).  For she'll grow too fast.  And Connor will too.

I never want to forget them as my  precious little babies.  Especially in the trying times ahead.  Toddler years.  Teen years.  Then off to live apart from me.

But they will always be my babies.

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  1. Sooooobbbbbbb!!! I was just looking through Collin's old photos, too. Sniff, sniff.


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