30 Days of Me: Day 27

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Day Twenty Seven:
 Post a photo of yourself & an extended family member. Why did you choose this photo? What is so special about this family member? Tell me your favorite memory about them.

1st:  Auntie Lane and I; 2nd:  twins and twins (skipped a generation)

I chose this photo because it's the last photo I have of my Auntie and I together.

I could talk all night about why she is special to me.

For starters, as a child I always wondered why she was "Auntie" and all other Aunts were just Aunts.  I remember even testing it out in ways children do, by starting to call others Auntie.  Like Auntie Pat, or Auntie Sue.  I always got corrected.  "No, you say Aunt."  So I just shrugged it off thinking Auntie Lane was just special.  So special she was an Auntie, not an Aunt.

I know a lot of people love/like their Great Aunts.  But I loved her.  When I heard she was coming to a family function, it made me so happy.  It was just never the same without Auntie Lane there.

She was always happy to see each and every person.  Always looked you in the eye, smiled, gently grabbed you by both shoulders, at arms length smiled again, then hugged you.  Always.

I seriously could go on all night about her greatness.  But I won't.  So I'll wrap this up with my favorite memory of her.  My last memory of her.

We were at my Aunt Sue's house for a family picnic.  I had my video camera out panning the room, trying to get the feel of it in my video.  Trying to catch people acting how they truly are, not the awkwardness people (including myself) get when the camera is on.  Everyone was dodging or politely stepping out of frame.  I continued on and turned and found Auntie Lane behind me.  She stopped... paused... gave a huge smile and a little wave.  She didn't run and hide and I love her even more for it.

By the way.... I learned much later than maybe I should have that her name is Elaine.  Not Lane.  I think I was about 12 or so when I figured it out.  She'll always be Auntie to me, regardless.


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