21 Days to get Organized: Day #1

I came across this blog, A Bowl Full of Lemons, via another blogger in my Google reader.

I'm tellin' ya.  This could not have come at a better time.  Funny how things work that way, eh?  I am seriously at my wits end with my disorganized home.  Seriously.  It's driving me bonkers!  I was never one to be overly organized.   So add a newborn to the mix and my house is a disaster.  I don't even know where to start! 

That is, until now!  Now I have a guided "tutorial" type challenge to walk me through this mess. 

I'm kind of embarrassed to share the first day.  Not because it's overly messy... but because it still doesn't look pretty. 

The first day is to tackle the junk drawer.  Hmm.  My whole house is my junk drawer!  I do have a certain designated spot... but it's very small.  I feel lame with my tiny little drawer.  Took me all of 5 minutes to organize.  But yet, two days to complete.  Here's why....

We have a tiny kitchen, so we bought this wicker dresser thing to store things in.  Wait.... does this make the whole thing a junk dresser!?!?  oh no!

Anyways, I am SO glad that this day wasn't a day that the top was piled sky high with stuff, as it normally is.  Saves me more embarrassment.  Like the fact I can't show the whole unit (there's 2 more drawers) because it's surrounded by good will boxes.  {insert sheepish look]

I opened up the designated "junk drawer" and found this:

It may not look too bad, but it's a deep drawer.  Many layers of junk.  I dumped carefully grouped it all into piles on the floor to see the damage.

hmm.  Mystery cables.  Pens that don't work.  3 sets of playing cards.  A tin of nails.  Hey!!  that's where my binder clips went!  And really... an old mix tape!?  bahahhaaa!  awesome.

awww!  a bitty baby tape!  that definiately went to the save pile.
And woah.  I have been searching the house high and low for a pencil .  Here was one all along! 

The top was easy enough to clean up.  No muscles were sprained.

And here comes the explanation of why it took me two days to clean up this little drawer.  I didn't have any containers handy to organize with.  It thought it wouldn't matter.  So I carefully placed all the things I was keeping back into the drawer.  This is the result:

Um yeah.  Now it's an organized pig sty.  Awesome!  I rock!

So I went out today and picked up a bunch of various sized containers at the dollar store.  And now my drawer is better. 

I'll share it one more time for good measure:


I felt a little guilty, because really I think the whole dresser turned into a collect all/junk drawer.  So I peeked into the other drawers.  This is were I found that it has become a catch all for the hubby.  I cleaned out two more drawers (the other ones are winter gear and tablecloths and inbox/mail) and had hubby relocate his various computer cords and such.  I now have 2 empty drawers!!  Whatever shall I do!! 

Perfect, I think, for Connor's art supplies that are taking over my coat closet.  But I'll wait for that as I see coat closet is tackled on day #8.  Ok, maybe I can't wait that long.  I'll be sure to take a "before" picture of my true coat closet before I remove the art supplies.



  1. Awesome job!! I organize our junk drawer on a monthly schedule. It gets so easily disorganized.

  2. Hahaha! A mixed tape? One always shows up in my junk drawer too. I'll have to check out that blog. My house is a disorganized mess!


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