Wintertime Blues

Every year I get the winter blues.  Skies are grey, nearly everyday.  Most days are too cold to go outside, and even when we do we can't stay out long, and it's a huge event.  Boots, hats, gloves, snow pants, scarves.  I rarely can take my camera since there's no place to set it down while I play with Connor.  Then we come in with extremities numb and glasses fogged. 

By the time April rolls around it's hard to remember why anyone lives in this environment.  Even more hard to remember why we wanted a white Christmas.

Sure, it looks pretty at first, but within a few hours it's yucky.  White roads turn to brown muck.  Snow gets "crisp" and we can't even make one snowball, let alone an entire snowman.

early morning and it's already on it's way to turning brown

Viewed from a far there is little to enjoy from yucky mucky crispy snow. 

But then I turned around and happened to glance in my backyard, where the sun was brightly shining.

It looks pretty, sparkling in the sun, doesn't it?  Then I took an even closer look:

I don't have a macro lens, so can't show it like I wanted to... but you could see tons of individual snowflakes!  Just sitting right there, in plain sight, back lit by the sun.

It was all melting together fast, in the direct sunlight.  I'm glad I took a moment to see it, up close, not from afar.

So, there are things to enjoy about winter.  There's still beauty to be found, it you take the time to look.

Just remind me of this in March.  And maybe remind me in February.  January too, to be safe.


  1. Okay, not yet from experince, but Ontario s dry and cold, the west coast, I am in BC in the Lowermainland, just an hour east of Vancouver.... If you spent a winter hear I think you would be begging to go back easy, while it's colder there, it's not heavy grey like hear, and wet wet wet..... My Brother and SIL both west coasters, just moved to ottawa last december and even my sister in law who hates the cold says she likes it better there than hear, although summer was scorting for her becuase they didn't have AC yet.... I actually can't wait to see what I feel like suriving an east coast winter!

  2. I promise you. The summers here are worse than winters there.

    You are also cooped up inside....unless you'd like to brave the outdorrs, in which cas eyou will instantaneously sweat your eyeballs out.

    Forget about driving anywhere. Cars = ovens.

    I don't even want to think about it. I'm going to go sulk.


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