So much to edit! 

I am so backed up on editing my photos.  But I wanted to share this photo that Santa took before sneaking back out of our house, and what Connor said in the morning.

Normally Connor comes down the stairs and heads for the basement door to find us.  Today he came downstairs and found me in the kitchen.  He said good morning and then merrily ran off to the basement door where he said, "Lets go find Dadd- ... ohhh wow!  Is this for me!??"  He had spied the presents and promptly forgot his hand on the door knob and didn't even complete the word 'Daddy'.

I told him he had to wait for Daddy to "rib" open the presents.  (Connor pronounces rip, rib).  Daddy was throwing a load of laundry in the washer.  Connor kept staring and staring at each present and had to be reminded numerous times to wait.

After several minutes he spotted the stocking.  "How did Santa do it!?!? "

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  1. Heee heeee heeeee!!!! I can't figure it out, eitehr Connor. Santa is one BUSY guy.


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