My Dirty Little Secret

I have a dirty little secret.  No, seriously, it's dirty - literally.

Before Emma was born I would tidy each room, daily.  Then at least once a week I'd do a "big" clean, of all the major things, like toilet and floors, and dusting.

The daily thing is of the past.  Since Emma's birth I have tidied up the bedrooms... oh... maybe 5 times in 6 months?

It bothers me because I like things clean, for our health.  I used to watch "How Clean is Your House" for weekly motivation to clean.  Hearing what diseases and ailments you can get from an unclean carpet, or a neglected bathtub, or even a dusty corner would have me scrambling to mop up the filth of my house.

Cleaning helps keep your family (and guests) healthy.  What better reason to clean when all you want to do it be lazy, right?  And really, it doesn't take that long.  I could clean my whole house on a "big" clean day in about an hour.  Then I have the rest of the day to do what I want!

I can not even begin to say how happy I am that today I ignored my laziness quality and tidied up Connor's room.  SO.  THANKFUL.

He loves to wear hats.  Loves it.  So, it's a given that when I dug out his Santa hat they became new best friends.  Except that... for about a week now the hat has been missing.  It's been sort of nagging in the back of my head to find it.  But I kept getting distracted, and it didn't seem that big of a deal.

However, there was something else that had an "urgent" nag feeling in my head.  Fire.  I kept finding myself dwelling on what would happened if our house caught fire.  What if it started in one of the kids' rooms??  I couldn't shake my uneasiness over a house fire, particularly in one of the kids' bedroom.  I kept going thru the steps I would take to ensure I got my kids out, or die trying.

Then today came.  Connor was happily playing in the bath and I decided to attach the jumper to his bedroom frame, for Emma, while I tidied up his neglected room.  It never takes long.  I picked up the toys, straightened up his bed, put away his clean clothes, and then got on the floor for the usual cleaning up fallen toys under his bed.

That's were I found it.

The Santa hat.  There is was, resting on top of the baseboard heater, burnt!!!  The whole hat was hot.  I don't know if it would have caught fire.... but I am so thankful I will never find out!

If it would have caught fire.... it would have caught his bed on fire!  Right near his head!  How freakin' scary is that!?  He may have died from smoke inhalation before we would have even known there was a fire!!

So, I urge you all to tidy up your house.  For the health of your family, and who knows - maybe for the very life of your family!

I look at his sweet happy little face and I can not help but say a prayer of thanks.  Thanks for the nagging urge to clean.  Am I ever glad I listened.


  1. Thank goodness, who knows how long it had been there like that... WOW that would be scary... Two of my worst fears with my daughter is a house fire and being caught or being hit by a car... They are my insistantly worst fears things I have nightmares about! So scary, glad you found it before anything bad could happen!

  2. NO. WAY.

    I believe in mother's intuition & that that "feeling" that we get usually means something.


    So glad you tidied up! So glad Connor is okay!


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