Flashback Friday

I decided yesterday that I was going to make a photo book of 2010.  Very last minute, I know.  I'm crazy. 

Photo albums are becoming something of the past.  At least in my house.  I sort of miss it.  You can't just grab a book and flip through it.  I have so many photos I rarely go back a year and look through them.  So... photo book should be awesome!

Here are my two favorites from January 2010.  It's crazy how much is forgotten until you see a picture.

Almost one year ago exactly... Connor is still in a toddler bed.  He's still struggling with potty training (so still in diapers).  He's still wearing some 3T things.  Like this ultra cute sleeper.

Some things haven't changed.  We still haven't painted his room (this is how it was when we moved in).  He still plays with bottle caps for Mr. Nezzer's hat.

My next favorite photo of January 2010?

I was 18 weeks 6 days pregnant with my tiny Riverdancer.  We weren't completely sure we were having a girl yet.  She was very modest and evasive with the ultrasound technician. 

How fast a year goes by!


1 comment:

  1. Wow! Look at Connor! He still looks like a chubby baby!! Now he looks like a boy!!

    Awesome flashback!


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