Etsy and Facebook

I was reading The Paper Mama's blog about the Etsy app for Facebook.  Naturally, I was curious and hurried on over to try it out on my friends. 

Every person I was most interested in, for gift ideas, didn't show up, I guess because they don't list "likes" under their user info.  However, my cousin Holly, showed up!  Her gift ideas had me literally laughing out loud.

1st column, 3rd down ... bahhhahaaa!
 Holly loves Target.  I love Target.  According to Etsy we should proudly display our love by prancing around in spandex red tights with a target underwear.  h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s

I could even buy the "lol" stationary and write to her about how I laughed when I seen this.  Then maybe she could use the "wtf" stationary to write me personal letters in lieu of livejournal.  ??  ha!  But really, it would be sort of funny to get a letter from a friend with the heading "wtf".  That set would come in handy; sets the mood of the letter before the reader even begins.  Forgot to include something in your letter?  Forgo the traditional "p.s." and just send a whole brand new letter with the title "btw". 

Brilliant.  haha.

Cookies on Etsy though?  I don't think I'd go for that.  However, if she had  a little girl, the smores slippers would be a must buy.  Too cute!

Overall, the app is fun, but I didn't find one thing I would actually buy for any of the friends I looked at, and I wish it had the option to choose myself.


  1. You're a finalist! Come by to vote for your card.

  2. LULLLLLZZZZ!!!!! I so need to do this!

  3. Oh & the smores necklace....YES, PLEASE!!! Bbbbaaahahaaa!!!

  4. I tried to choose you, but you haven't liked anything, so no results were found. Boooo!!!

  5. what!?!? I have "liked" lots of things! BOOO! Hmm.. maybe I need to add more "likes"? haaha!


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