Advent Garland

I struggled all last month trying to think of something unique for Connor to do in December, in the way of an advent, but not the traditional 'chocolate santa' one.

Then the other day I happened upon this blog where a photographer is doing what she calls "photovent".  Each day you can download one of her images and then you laminate it, punch holes, attach a ring and in the end you have a beautiful garland to hang - at any time of year!


Only, I wanted to do my own photos.  Problem being:  it was already Dec 1st and I wanted to start asap!  There was no way I could choose so fast!  I thought about picking photos of the kids, but Emma is only 5 months so I feared it would be a shine/garland to Connor.

So I decided I'd do a craft with Connor instead.  I'd laminate them, punch holes, and hang it with pipe cleaners (I found some nice glittery ones).  I'd have this cute garland to hang on our tree each year and always remember my kids at this age.

Only..... I seem to have forgotten he's only three and can't do crafts with me very well.  I mean... he can draw and color and write letters, but he can't trace a cookie cutter, cut out the shape, laminate or hole punch ..... hmmm.

Good thing I have superbly awesome skills as a crafter!  I totally made it look like Connor did it all by himself! 

Ok, ok.  So I tried really hard to make it look not so childish, but I'm no artist.  So I went just went with the flow.  ha!

How cute are the hands though!?  I think over the years I'll replace the ... um..... totally awesome Christmas shapes ..... and replace them with the kids' hand prints.  It'll be neat to see all the different sizes, I think.

Connor loves it.  But, he doesn't quite get the one a day thing yet.  He wants to put it all together right now.

To make it even more special, I used my some of my Grandma's old Christmas cookie cutters, like the angel one shown above.

We won't win the most chic decorating award, but that's ok.  I like our homemade homeiness.  =p


  1. This is such a great idea!!! I love it!

  2. very cute! gotta love their attention span too! maybe instead of tracing the cookie cutters, you could dip them in paint and use them like stamps!



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