30 Days of Me Photo Challenge: Day Twenty

Day Twenty: Post a photo of somewhere you would like to travel. Why this location? Is there something special you would like to do there? Describe for me what you imagine your perfect day there would be like.

This post took a long time in the making.  Eight days.  I've known for eight days what I wanted to say, but didn't want to "cheat" anymore and just grab a photo off the Internet.  But.... how do you post a photo that is yours of a place you've never been?  Hard, I know.  I started snapping photos of  a map.  I edited those photos and they turned out terrible.  I nearly posted anyways, because I wanted to move on.  Then I remembered... I do have a photo that is mine and I've never been there!  Awesomeness!

Back in November 2009 my in-laws paid for a cruise for us and other members of the family, for their 35th anniversary.  It was great!  We had tons of fun.

Only, we sailed right by a place that pained me to see from a distance, because I want to be there.  To be honest it made me sick to my stomach to eat that night.  Filling up my belly, floating by a country where little children go to bed hungry.  The next time I see Haiti I hope it won't be from a distance, on a luxury cruise liner where my hair is let down and my feet are up.  I want my hair to be up, and my feet planted firmly on the ground, hard at work.  I want to be feeding and showing love to children.   Making a difference and saving lives.  Physically and spiritually.

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  1. I have to stop reading yours before mine. You totally influence me! Hahahaha!!

    Seriously, this is a place I would love to go. For the same reason.

    I'm choosing somewhere similar & for the same reasons. We are totally couswins.

  2. are you choosing Bolivia? ha! Guess I'll have to wait.

    I nearly chose Bolivia, even had a map photo of it. I think for me, just a needy country in general is where I want to go. But since I happened to have a photo of Haiti.. well... I choose Haiti. ha!


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