First Snow

November 5th.  Today it snowed. 

I was in the nursery, feeding the baby, and Connor was running around playing, wearing a robe since he was fresh out of the bath.  He looked out the window and seen the snow and flew down the stairs.

I kept calling to him, "Connor!  You need to wait for mommy!  You need to get clothes on, and boots on!"

Don't worry.  He listened.  Sort of.  He put his boots on, then unlatched the lock system on our patio door, and out the door he went. 

I imagine he got pretty cold.  He didn't stay out too long before racing up the stairs, eyes all aglow, "Mommy!  I got snow on it!", gesturing to his speckled robe.

I finished up with Emma and took way too long getting my own shoes and coat on.  At least Connor thought it was too long.  I dressed him proper and we went outside quick.

Poor Connor. He was beyond excited.  He raced back outside with a little play hat in tow.  "Let's find Frosty and put on his hat!!"

see little hat in his left hand?
I tried to explain to him that we need a whole lot more snow.  He says, "Ok!" and patiently waited at the side of the house for at least 5 minutes.

Poor babe!  The snow will come soon enough, don't you worry!

1 comment:

  1. Hahahaha! He must take after his Mommy, enjoying each new season & what it has to offer.


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