30 Days of Me Photo Challenge: Day Twelve

Day Twelve: Post a photo of something you love. Why do you love this? What specifics can you give me about why you live this item/person?

As usual with these photo challenges I struggled with what to pick.  Obviously I love my kids and I love my family, so I wasn't going to go that route.  But I do have a mad love for chocolate.  Mad I tell ya.  I love chocolate!  Love it!  I even took a picture of it, and will share because it's chocolate and I love it.  But that's all I can talk about with it.  What else is there to say?  It's yummy.  The end.  Right?  Boring.  Except I love chocolate and it's yummy.  Here is the picture of yummy-ness.

Did I mention I love chocolate?

Since it makes for a short and boring blog, I chose a new love.  Cloth diapers!  I was so surprised with how much I love them!  I was with most of society in thinking that it's something of the "old days":  how complicated, cumbersome, time consuming and annoying! 

I was only first interested because it's better for the environment.  But convenience always won out.  How convenient are disposables!?  Except that they leak.  AllTheTime.

The last straw for us was when we were all packed up, ready to go, and went to pick up Emma out of her bouncy seat.  For the 'hundreth' time she had exploded out of her diaper, all over her outfit, and out onto the bouncy seat.  We were just about to leave the house!  Instead we had to do a complete wardrobe change, diaper change, and dismantle the bouncy seat.  Allan was so upset he announced we were going right then to the store to get cloth.  Because we had heard it holds in the mess.  At least it would be worth a try.

I was excited yet nervous.  How inconvenient would this be?  How expensive??  And pins.... I don't want to use pins near my baby!

We got to the store and I asked for help.  There I learned that we don't use pins anymore.  There are Snappi's to use instead.  It's fast.  It's practical. 

I'll spare the details of what we bought and why and how many and so on.

I love cloth!  Soooo much easier than I ever imagined!  Not a nuisance at all, and not inconvenient.  I mean, think of it.  It's cold outside, below freezing and snowing.  The diaper pail is full and it is trash day.  I have to throw on all my gear, dig the bag out of the pail, make sure the kids are safe and go drag this smelly plastic waste to the curb.  Or :  I stay in my jammies with my hair a mess, drag the entire washable bag full of smelly diapers down to my washer, toss them in, turn it on, and go lounge around for an hour while they wash.  Talk about convenience!!  And when I get low on supply... I don't have to lug the kids to the store to stock up.  I just do the actions previously mentioned.  I don't even fold the diapers after they are dry.  I just stack them up and bring them to the nursery.

Really.  Washing is easy.  I promise you I don't hike 2 miles to a river and smack the diapers against rocks to get them clean.  I don't even have to use a washboard.  I swear.  It's just like the clothes I wear every day.  I throw them in the same machine and go through the same motions as I would if I were washing my clothes.

Easy peesy.

And the best part?  We haven't had dirty messy explosion all over everything since we switched.  How is that in any way inconvenient?

(and just so you know, don't go buying Wal-mart diapers.  Find a nice store that specializes in cloth diapers)

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  1. I'm TOTALLY cloth diapering with my next baby.

  2. "Really. Washing is easy. I promise you I don't hike 2 miles to a river and smack the diapers against rocks to get them clean. I don't even have to use a washboard. I swear."


    I was never into the idea until recently, but I definitely think I'll be exploring cloth diapering when the day comes that I have kids.


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