30 Days of Me Photo Challenge: Day Fourteen

Day Fourteen: Post a photo of a person you could never live your life without. What is special about this person? Tell me the ten things you love most about them.

I could talk about SO many people for this one, but I think it's more of  people I don't want to live my life without.  However, we all have to say goodbye to loved ones eventually, at one time or another.

Then of course, I think it goes without saying that I love my kids.  I would need some intense therapy if anything ever happened to them.  Seriously serious therapy.

One person I don't talk often of though, my husband.  So, for this prompt I choose him.  Since I would never want to lose him either.  I would be lost.

The things I love about him (not necessarily what I love the most, and not in any order)

  1. He is patient
  2. He is forgiving
  3. He is very helpful with the kids (for a guy)  =]
  4. He helps out quite a bit around the house
  5. He has been known to cook a meal or two
  6. He rarely says a harsh word to me
  7. He is kind to others
  8. He works hard so that I can stay home with the kids
  9. He has the same views as me on the most important things to us
  10. He loves me

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1 comment:

  1. ...aaaannnddd without Al, you wouldn't HAVE your children to begin with, right!? Great choice!


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