30 Days of Me: Day Two

Day Two: Post a photo of you & the person you have been the closest with for the longest. Why is this person special to you?

me and my twin
We aren't close in the sense of typical best friends joined at the hip.  But close in the sense that she is my sister, and my forever friend.  I often think of the "what ifs" with her.  What if I still lived in Michigan?  Knowing how wonderful it would be is upsetting to me, we could watch each other's kids, go Christmas shopping together, have weekend dinners.  Maybe not, but it's nice to dream.

She may not be the one I talk to the most or see the most, but she's been there the longest and the "friend" I love the most.  I mean... how much longer together can you get than by sharing a womb together?

Of course we had our fights, what sisters don't!?  But she was always there to play with on our good days.  The one I talked with and giggled with at night until we fell asleep. 

To be honest, I think being twins hindered our friendship in the later years of our childhood - once it became important to define ourselves as individuals.  Even though we're fraternal (we don't look the same) we would get looped in as a single unit, even away from home.  The twins.  The girls.  Becky&Debbie (as if one word).  So I think we would sometimes make points to not sit near each other.  But at night, in the privacy of our shared room, we would talk and giggle like young girls do.

It was a comfort to always have someone there for everything, going through everything at the same time, and never having to do things alone.

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  1. This makes me thankful the Cort & I still live close to one another.

    Sisters rule.


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