30 Days of Me: Day Seven

Day Seven: Post a photo of your most treasured item. Why is this item special to you? How did you come to own this item?

"Look at this photograph.  Every time I do it makes me laugh"
- Nickelback
At first I couldn't think of anything for today's challenge.  I'm not really into material things so couldn't pick one item I truly treasure.  Sure, I thought of my Great Grandmother's rocking chair.  I thought of the Hummel figurine that was my Grandma's.  I thought of the nursery books my Grandpa read to us.  How I love those books.  But really, I kept thinking of the memories those "things" brought to me.  I kept thinking of how I treasure my memories.  Since a memory isn't an item, and I certainly can't take a photo of it, I was stumped.  Then I repeated that line in my head "can't take a photo of it."

Ok, ok, I'll admit it, I thought of my camera next.  My beloved third eye.  I feel lost without it, when I leave it home.   However, it's the photos that my camera produces I love even more.  The snapshot of my babies, frozen in time.  It's not just my photos I love either!  I love the shared memories my family has captured to.  I so very much enjoy going to Grandma's house and seeing that she has all the old photos strewn from wall to wall  It doesn't happen often, but I love it.  I can settle for pulling out the photo albums.  I can spend hours looking at photos from my childhood, and even before I was born.

Photos, to me, bring forth those memories I love so much.  They're like a jumper cable for my brain.

I can look at a photo and remember what my Grandpa, now passed on, looked like.  I can remember his one of a kind smile, and his baby blue eyes.  I can look at the photo of my sister, just having gave birth to her daughter, and remember how much my heart grew that day, and remember just how fast 10 years goes by.  I can look at my wedding photo and see just how little I looked.  Did I really look that young when I got married!?  I felt so "old" (for a bride)!

I can look at an old photo and remember just how fun my family (and friends) can be.  I can see old inside jokes, silliness, and so on.  They stir up so many emotions in me.  Laughter, sorrow, joy.....

I love my photos.

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