30 Days of Me: Day Four

Day Four: Post a photo that best sums up the night you've had tonight. What did you do? Why was it fun?

Ok, to be honest, yesterday I was confused thinking it was my day 4 and I took this photo.  But really, nothing has changed except for the wardrobe.  Most evenings are spent with the 3 of us on our ultra hip and modern living room rug, otherwise known as a foam play mat.  Emma watches Connor play and I watch them both play.  I can't get enough.  Ok, that's a lie.  I do get enough when the tantrums start, but that's a different story.  haha. 

This photo actually works well though.  Usually Al would be somewhere visible, but for this shot he wasn't.  Perfect, as he is out tonight learning to do the PowerPoint projector for church.  He made dinner for us before he left, he's great like that.  I'm not sure if he does it to help or because he wants to be fed.  (haha!)

When he gets home we'll be watching Modern Family.  We don't have cable (our choice) so we watch it on the computer the day after.

I love not having cable.

Instead of shushing the kids and gluing ourselves to the TV we spend our evenings on the living room floor.  A typical night in the West household.  Dinner is done, dishes are not, and the kids are both vying for my attention.  And they can have it.

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  1. We DVR it for the same reason. To have time with Collin. We will be watching tonight, as well!!! Haha!

    I love the picture! It made me feel like I was really there, peeking in to your evening.


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