30 Days of Me: Day Eleven

Day Eleven: Post a photo of something you hate dislike. Why do you hate dislike this? What is it about this item/person that you despise?

Today, I really wanted to talk about my neck.  It has a kink in it and it is very annoying.  I very much dislike kinks in my neck.  But.... how do you take a picture of a kink?  If anyone wants to send me balloons for my pity party, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks.

Then I wanted to take a picture to show how much I dislike that it is Thanksgiving and I am here and my family is there.  How do I take a picture of distance?

Really, all these thoughts of things I dislike was to postpone one of my greatest "dislikes", which is also a fear.  I won't and can't even take a picture of the real deal, so I took a photo of the toy ring version.  Will.Not.Take.A.Photo.  So there you go.  That's how much I dislike it.  And fear it.

It's silly really.  Have you even noticed I have even named it yet?  Yeah.  That's because it is my blog and I don't want that name on my blog.  So there.  Rhymes with "rider" though.  lol.

I don't even know what it is about "rider" that I dislike so much.  It's gross?  It's creepy?  It moves too fast?  It stares at me while I sleep?  It jumps down my shirt while I am driving and nearly causes me an accident?  You pick.

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